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Eastern Cape

Sunshine Coast, South Africa

The Sunshine Coast is a coastal tourism route stretching from Tsitsikamma to East London in the Eastern Cape. Bursting with adventure and coastal charm, it comprises rivers, lakes and lagoons, sub-tropical forests, one of the world’s top surfing spots and countless quaint seaside hamlets just waiting to be explored.


The Sunshine Coast, Eastern Cape, is so named because it gets the most sunshine in South Africa, roughly 320 out of 365 days a year.


The Sunshine Coast, Eastern Cape, is unlike its international namesakes in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. 

For a start, it's almost always sunny on this Sunshine Coast and, despite its popularity with local and international visitors, the region has managed to avoid excessive commercialisation and retain its charm.


This 500km stretch of coastline includes the beautiful forest-clad slopes of the tTsitsikamma with its many eco-trails and hikes, luxury bush destinations and sheltered coves, rock pools and lagoons along with seaside holiday towns like Kenton-on-Sea, Port Alfred, Cape St. Francis and St. Francis Bay. 


Also on this coast is the surfing mecca of Jeffrey's Bay, where you'll find some of the best surfing spots in the world along with Supertubes, famous for its consistent, right-hand break. 


The Tsitsikamma (part of the Garden Route National Park) marks the start of the Eastern Cape's Sunshine Coast, and is an absolute must for adventure seekers. Abseiling, hiking, river rides, nature trails and the world's highest commercial bungee jump are all on offer in this area.


At the route's northern end is the coastal town of East London, also called Buffalo City. Like much of the rest of the Eastern Cape, this town has a rich history associated with the local people and the impact of the arrival of early European settlers. 

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